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For the Love of Cars & Chemistry

Founded in 2022, North Star Car Care is a leading manufacturer of premium car care products. From the start, our founder (Luke) has made real world testing and product innovation a top priority. Our goal is to help car enthusiasts and auto detailers amplify the essence of every vehicle by redefining the expectations of detailing products through innovative chemistry.

North Star Car Care is proud to say we manufacture our formulas in-house. Unlike many other brands which are often created for the mass market, ordered in bulk, and end up sitting in warehouses for a long time. At North Star, we craft our batches by hand. After extensive research and real world testing across the globe.

Our passion is rooted in our love for the car community and detailers. We would like to take the opportunity to welcome you to our brands origins.

Leading up to Launch

Before beginning the journey of North Star Car Care, our founder Luke, was playing college baseball while pursuing an Engineering degree and running a professional detailing business of his own. However, Luke fell ill and developed several chronic medical conditions requiring a leave from his studies. In the midst of his health battle, he began crafting car care products using his engineering background as a way to have something to look forward and keep him going each day.

Much of this has been documented through vlogs in 2022 on his tiktok account. These vlogs sparked mass curiosity from detailers! For the first time, detailers were hearing true chemistry breakdowns of how car care products work and seeing them made live. Luke began sending out samples to everyone who was curious to try his innovative creations.

This quickly morphed into something much more once Luke heard the feedback. People were astounded and began writing paragraphs explaining how they have never used a products that perform like this.

An Abundance Of Blessings

The word spread fast following all the feedback on Luke's Firefly paste wax. This resulted in hundreds of detailers messaging asking "how can I get some" and "whats the website." Luke knew he had created something special, and now he had all the interest and support in launching his product line

On August 22nd 2022, North Star Car Care launched its first product - Firefly Paste Wax which quickly took the detailing world by storm. Hundreds of detailers were posting videos to social media using firefly paste wax every month. North Star was blessed to sell out of every single batch within 2 hours for the first 3 months in business!

The Journey continues

Since the birth of North Star Car Care, we have continuously refined our products while sticking true to our core. We believe there are 3 primary elements to our formulations: quality of raw materials, chemistry processes refined to artwork, and real world testing. As we continue developing more formulations our innovation will shine even brighter.