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Paragon Auto Shampoo

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Ph Neutral Soap Perfected

Paragon Auto Shampoo was formulated to perfect the crowded market of high foaming auto shampoos. Derived from a blend of biodegradable surfactants, foaming agents, and lubricated cleansers, Paragon achieves:

  • Highly Concentrated Thick Snow Foam
  • Intensive Cleansing Power while being PH neutral & gentle on all surfaces
  • Ultra slick glide while washing to reduce any chance of micro marring or swirling

While nearly all soaps on the market excel in only one area, Paragon achieves the trifecta!


  • For Use in a Foam Cannon- Add 100ml of soap ( for crazy foam add 125ml )
  • Contact Bucket Wash- Add 25-50ml / 5 Gallons

Spray the foam evenly across the vehicle's surface, starting from the bottom and working your way up. Allow the foam to dwell for a few minutes to loosen and encapsulate dirt and grime. Use a clean wash mitt to agitate the foam, focusing on stubborn areas if necessary. Rinse thoroughly with water, ensuring all traces of foam and contaminants are removed. Dry the vehicle

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Crosby King
Best car foam ever

This snow foam not only foamed great but left the car feeling slick absolutely sparkling and while washing felt slippery. In all this product is insane!

mike L
The best of the best

Used this on my foxbody after seeing it on tiktok. Let me just say i absolutely am blown away by how slick this soap is and how well it foamed up even with my electric pressure washer