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Firefly Paste Wax

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The Most Hydrophobic Car Wax

For decades, paste waxes were sought after for their warm glow. However, paste waxes became outdated because they were hard to apply and didn't last very long. Several companies switched up, making predominantly synthetic sealants to improve durability. So you were left with a choice. Pick a product for glowing showcar gloss (but poor durability) or pick a product for durability (lacking gloss.) Now you can have both in one formulation. With a high concentration of the purest available Grade A Yellow Carnauba Wax and an advanced polymer process Firefly evokes a timeless carnauba shine with unrivaled hydrophobics.

Insane hydrophobics

Unrivaled Quality

Don't be misled into thinking all carnauba waxes are the same.  Most paste waxes don't feature the same grade of carnauba as Firefly. Such substitutes typically use T1 or T3 alternatives, not the same quality or performance. The ones that do use Grade A are several hundreds of dollars.

Evoke a Luster

Customer Reviews

Based on 76 reviews
Aaron F
Would not buy again

After applying wax and buffing off after proper amount of time the wax left horrible streaks and cloudiness that was difficult to remove with even degreasers and had to end up using polish.


Excellent product

Ron Garrison
Firefly past wax

I was very surprised on how well this worked gave both of my vehicles a great shine both are black and it left no swirls I would recommend it to everybody

Great for 2 weeks the 7-9 months is a lie

i thought this stuff was going to work and it did for for about 1 week then one day of driving in the rain it’s gone like I never even applied it and I applied it right how they said to apply it but I usually don’t leave bad reviews because I like supporting small business’s but went through all that waxing for literally nothing

Two Star Wax

Goes on easy. Comes off easy. My black truck was washed, decon, clay bar, 70/30 for final prep. Then was ceramic coated. Cured 48hrs inside. Started the Firefly wax on half the hood, with the other half using my current high end Carnuba wax. Firefly left a very faint visible cloud on the surface with lighting right. Shiny but my current wax shine was better with no cloud and a smoother feel and slickness. Tried a picture but wouldn’t turn out good enough to see the cloudy surface. Would not purchase again.